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Roshana Perera

Roshana Perera

Advanced New Business Manager
  • 416-491-7102

  • Roshana is Advanced New Business Manager with over 11 years of experience in the industry. Once the Financial Advisor submits new business applications for all insurance carriers, Roshana is responsible for following up with underwriter/case coordinators, until the policy is issued. She also handles pending new business applications according to the Life Production List, which includes checking policy number with the insurance carrier website, contacting the insurance company, informing the Financial Advisor of new requirements and reminding the Financial Advisor of pending requirements. Her responsibilities as a new business specialist also include following up with medicals provider and APS provider to expedite lab results, ordering medicals when requested by the Financial Advisor, mailing policies by ICS to the Financial Advisors office, emailing settling document from Financial Advisor to insurance companies for policies to be placed and settled.


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