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Padma Deepthi Venigalla

Padma Deepthi Venigalla

Lead Contracting Specialist
  • (905) 612-0801

  • Deepthi is our Lead Contracting Specialist and your go-to person if you want any help with any sort of document processing and new application processing. She handles banking changes, beneficiary updates, reinstatements, address updates, ownership changes premium updates, deposits, withdrawals, conversion applications and policy cancellations. Deepthi has total of 3+ years of experience in the industry and does contract through Apexa for OM Financial Inc. advisors.


Padma Deepthi Venigalla

Office Administrator
  • 3 years 6 months of experience in the Industry.

  • Responsible for,

    New Business: Processing of Applications.

    Inforce Business: Banking Changes, Beneficiary Updates, Reinstatements, Address Updates, Ownership Changes, Premiums Updates, Deposits, Withdrawals, Conversion Applications, Policy Cancellations.

    Contracting: Contracting through Apexa for OM Direct Agents.


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