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Our leadership team is led by an Experienced, innovative, creative and knowledgeable Leader Rahul Bhardwaj and consists of some of the finest and skilled wealth management professionals who are responsible for our impeccable track record and Long term success.

The OMF team is collectively responsible for building long-lasting customer relationships and success. They set up strong and realistic strategies that help the Financial Advisors overcome their financial challenges in the most risk-free manner. All our members operate ethically and independently, monitoring the plans and objectives towards the short term, medium term and long term goals. They uphold the principle of integrity and balance at all times and make sure trust and confidentiality are never compromised.

The OMF team is extremely mindful in every step of the process that happens in our organization and follows the same while guiding, informing and planning the financial goals of the Financial Advisors. They are diligent in handling the changing circumstances and quickly respond effectively to make sure the Financial Advisor's financial goals are met.

Rahul likes to maintain a good work life balance, he is married happily to Suby and blessed with son Rohit and daughter Pooja.

His Leadership and Motto of "Never Give Up" continues to inspire everyone in the financial services industry along with his Philosophy of "Ethics Before Profits".


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