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Acquisitions & Succession planning

We are one of the leading Managing General Agencies in Canada, helping clients with a complete range of Insurance & Investments Brokerages acquisitions and succession planning.


Over 50 years of combined experience


We treat our Financial Advisors with respect, honesty, and integrity.


We carry the best services in the financial services sector because we believe our Financial Advisors deserve the best products no matter what are their needs.

About us

If you are an AGA or MGA interested in selling books of business or succession planning for your business!


we are interested in acquiring your Books of Business or undertake succession planning for your business across Canada.


If you are an Independent advisor, looking to retire then we have a succession plan for junior advisor to look after your clients and your books professionally.

For Acquisitions?

For Succession planning?

Acquisitions and Succession Planning

Canada is considered the ideal location for businesses to bloom and grow. One of the main strategies used by companies to grow their business is through acquisitions and there obviously many reasons for it. Whether you want to go through with an acquisitions or you simply want to plan the succession of your existing business, OM Financial Inc. can help you with it all.

An acquisition can bring in a lot of benefits for both companies if done right. Whether you want to acquire a smaller business, or if you want to be acquired by another company, we can find the best possible options for you, figure out the strategies and guide you through the whole process without little to no complications and risks.

We can understand how hard it must be for you to choose the right successor for your business. You’ve built it from scratch and it’s important that the company is passed on to the right hands. Usually, the succession is done in three ways - you choose a family member, an employee or you sell your business to a third party. No matter whichever strategy you decide to go with, our experienced team can help you with all the necessary support you need. Let us help you in securing the future of your business through the right strategies and plans.


Value Creation:

When closing a deal, you should be clear on the value potential it will bring in. We can help you look at your acquisitions from a new perspective and bring in new insights to deliver maximum value. When you choose us, we will help you in defining your strategy, analyzing the problem areas and guide your business towards sustainable growth. Our experienced team can set your business goals, generate and evaluate key initiatives and identify any gaps in your business plans so that you can develop better international and local market strategies.


Branching out into new businesses can bring in extraordinary growth, maximum utilization of existing resources and also leaving behind unattractive industries. It can be a challenging decision as it comes with a lot of rewards as well as risks. With us you’ll be getting help in identifying and defining these key points of diversification:

Does the industry you are entering into have the potential for profit?

What are the costs incurred to enter the new industry?

What are the pros and cons of entering the industry and how can we overcome the disadvantages?


We Serve As Your Complete Support Team

You can find out more about mergers and acquisitions by getting in touch with our team at OM Financials, we will be more than happy to help you.

You can find out more about mergers and acquisitions by getting in touch with our team at OM Financials, we will be more than happy to help you.

operating and financial synergy

Operating and Financial Synergy:

At OM Financial Inc., you will be able to assess the income statements, combined profitability and determine how to make use of the synergies, to bring the most positive impact for the merger and acquisitions. You will not have to worry about anything whether it is tax benefits, debt capacity, reduced cost of equity or even diversification. We will also help you in determining the economies of scale, market share, competition analysis and assess the growth from new and expanded markets.

Change Management:

The value a merger and acquisitions would bring is undisputed. But it also affects the people as it brings a huge operational and cultural change. We understand how hard it would be to give them the necessary support and training to cope up with the change. At OM Financial Inc., we can help you in implementing effective change management that would make the rest of the process seamless and efficient. We focus on:

Defining the direction of change

Energizing the organisation

Training the employees to cope up with the change

Driving execution


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