A Company that combines its international strengths and local advantages to offer a wide range of innovative life insurance and investment products, helping clients take important financial decisions at every stage in life and stay financially independent.

OM is a comprehensive Insurance and Investment Firm that comes with over 30 years of collective expertise in offering financial services across the corporate world.OM is an independent, unbiased advisor to its clients. We, therefore, have the credibility and operational edge to be independent while consistently placing our client's interest first.


The diverse experience and skills of our team together with top sources of market and industry information, enables us to provide the best advice to our clients - corporates, institutions or individuals. We make it our business to be fully informed about our client needs, while closely following products and industry trends.

Solutions at OM are the result of innovative tools and investment ideas that seamlessly integrate business lines based on trends, expertise and a time-tested approach to being custodians of our clients' financial interests. We believe there are no packaged, off-the-shelf solutions. Every recommendation made by our team fits into a customized plan that is outlined at the commencement of a relationship.

At OM, there is the realization that every one of its client has a distinct financial goal broken down into unique needs, a distinct investment history, a defined propensity to save and finally a varying appetite at being exposed to investment risks.


OM advisors are trained to take a highly analytical and solution - driven approach while making investment decisions for their clients, an approach that sees clients move closer to achieving their financial goal with every passing year.


As a responsible, customer focused market leader, we will strive to understand the insurance and investment needs of the clients and translate it into affordable products that deliver value for money.